Dzedo's Potty Chair

Dzedoís Potty Chair 

To the best of my recollection, hardly anyone in Lemont had indoor plumbing in the early 50ís.  It was a long walk from the comfort of the house to the outhouse.  On a cold, dark night, the walk seemed to be longer, and it definitely was scary. 

Hardly anyone ever went to the outhouse at night, especially the children.  Most families had a potty in each bedroom for night time calls to nature: a large one for the adults and a smaller one for the children. 

Dolores Gallagher and family were in Lemont at the time, and Dzedo (grandfather John) Briscar must have been touched by an angel, because in a moment of rare tenderness he took pity on the little cold bottoms that had to use the potty in the chilly bedroom.  He fashioned a wooden frame and seat to hold the kidsí potty, and that new potty chair took the chill off the bottoms of the little ones. 

Anne wants to share some photos with us.  Thank you, Anne Marie.

Anne writes:
Mom said that Dzedo made the potty when I was a toddler.  So I guess he made it around 1953 -1954. Mom had the potty in her storage room for years.  Then I had it in our basement .   I only remember Steven using that potty. I thought about having some of the wood replaced and painting the potty. I guess for now , I'll leave it alone.