The Gallery

This section will consist of individual photos of family members.   Look for some pleasant surprises in the near future

Ron Smithburger and Fiancee Alyssa Peskin - in sunny Southern California
Grandchildren of Richard and Rosanna Briscar - June 1999
Lindsey Nicole Briscar Jonathan Michael Briscar
Rachel Lynn Isabella Samantha Marie Briscar
Tyler David Briscar Emily Catherine Briscar
Kathy: Now, Ryan, the boys in the band want you in the picture with them, but they want you to look serious.  Stop smiling, Ryan.  Ryan,  I want you to look serious now.  OK, Ryan, If you don't want to be serious we won't go for ice cream like I said we would.  OK, that's better.    *SNAP*

Curt Briscar, Pat Mahnke, Toby Rogusta and Dan Potter from Curt's former band, Girth with groupie Ryan Okorn.  Photo by Kathy Briscar Okorn.