Lemont Sledriding

This photo is compliments of Tina Mahallick and Bernadine Creighton.  It was taken by Dolores Briscar Gallagher in 1949 or 1950

Bernie says: There are two people in the picture we cannot identify,  although we think the second one from the right in the fourth row may be Blaine Early.  We can't be sure because we can't remember what he looked like. 

In front - Dianne Chuska Mahallick
Second row - left to right - Rita Chuska Hanzely,  Ernie Chuska,  Bernadine Chuska Creighton,  Juniata Early,  Bette Chuska Smithburger
Third row - left to right -  Paul Mickey,  Leo Hamborsky,  Jim Kelley,  Elsie Jane Chuska Wilson
Fourth row - left to right -  Phil Zoretic,  Unknown (possibly Blaine Early) 
Maybe someone who visits the website may recognize the two unknowns.  Maybe if we offer a reward,  people will respond.  Just kidding!
Merry Christmas to you. 

Note: Jim Kelley identified the first unknown as Phil Zoretic and Jeff Kelley confirmed it.  Now we have only one left to identify.

Finally! 9/5/06 The last unknown has been identified by Bernadine as Blaine Early.