Lady Crow

a tribute to my shaman sister


Her long, raven black hair
gently sways in the breeze
behind her as she moves
between worlds.

With one wave
of her graceful arm,
she can conjure up the wind
to do her bidding.

She is moonlight and magic,
lover and mother,
shaman and sister,
healer, and friend.

She is alive in the first air,
engaged in the second,
helping others to see that
the veil between realms
is but a fine line
of lavender and mist.

With hand outstretched before you,
she'll lead you through experiences
just beyond the descriptive edge
of your imagination.

Truth and reality become one
in the face of this great woman.

She is Lady Crow,
the great Wiccan Priestess,
and an even greater friend
to all of those souls
who are fortunate enough to find
their life line intertwined
with hers.

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