My Meditation

In my meditation I met him,
Sacred One, Holy One.
He healed my heart with
one touch of his gentle hand.
"My child," he said, "be my messenger."
I asked how I should see others.

He told me to look at them
through his eyes.
When I looked,
compassion filled my soul
in a way that I had never before experienced.

I asked how I should forgive others.
He said to wrap my arms around them
as if they were his arms.
When I did so, a tremble
went through me as I felt
true loving forgiveness
rush out of my heart
and pass to the one I embraced.

I asked how I was to pray.
He told me to talk to him
as a friend, forgetting all formalities.
I talked, and found that my best friend
had been there all along,
just waiting for me
to share my heart's desires
and anguishes with him.

Finally, I asked how I was
to live out the rest of my days.
He simply said,
"Live in My Love."

And so, Lord, I will live.

- Nancy Briscar Martel


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