My Mother, My Friend

The sweet scent of your delicate perfume
danced through my senses as you woke me each day.
Today it gently drifts through my memory
and brings a loving, contented smile to my face.

The warmth of your touch when you placed
your hand on my shoulder to quietly encourage me
now carries me through the difficult days of my life,
and charges me to do the same for others.

The many times when you sat up with me,
silently nursing me back to health as I struggled
to catch the breath that gives me life
stay with me now that I breathe easier.

The pain you graciously bore in your heart
when I felt the merciless cruelty of others
is now my badge of honor worn proudly in the face
of adversity, giving me strength when I am weak.

The many times when I find I need direction
and quickly pick up the phone to call you for advice
are eagerly received by you with love and understanding
for now we are true friends, best friends.

Thank you, dear mother for loving me
and leading me through this tangled web of life.
Thank you for showing me that it is possible to love freely
and be loved in return equally without boundaries.
Thank you for being my friend.

-by Nancy Briscar Martel

İMay 9, 1999

Mother's Day

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