Technical Issues


This website was originally constructed in 1998 using Microsoft FrontPage.  In 2006 Microsoft stopped supporting FrontPage entirely, and many web hosting companies also followed.

This action led to some problems with this web site, namely the ability to use such functions as submitting entries to the Guest Book, sending email to me via the Contact Us page and several other functions.   Other parts of the website continued to function, but with some key features missing, the site was lacking.

One of the resolutions to this problem was to rewrite the web site using another tool, but based on the amount of content that had to be changed, I thought it would take almost a year to rewrite it, and I was not inclined to do that. I left things intact until recently, when I found a solution.

I recently found that there were several hosting companies that were still supporting Microsoft FrontPage, so I decided to move this site to a new hosing company from the company that had been serving me for many years.  It was a difficult decision to make, but it was the right decision.

Now we are back up and running through Alentus, a hosting company that promises to continue to support Microsoft FrontPage. The site needs some fresh material.  Feel free to submit your comments, photos, stories, etc.

Richard - April 2018