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bullet.gif (1031 bytes) Are You Interested in Genealogy? - A Comprehensive Guide on Getting Started.

bullet.gif (1031 bytes) Researching Your Family's History From Ships Passenger Lists - Contributed by Amanda
     from Grace Coleman's Genealogy Club of the Rutland Library, Rutland Vermont.

In and Around Fayette County

bullet.gif (1031 bytes)The Appalachian Treasures Gateway is a directory of sites with content appropriate for research about Appalachian history, culture, physical and social environments, social customs, and images and stereotypes. It also includes links to bibliographies, organizations, events and other gateways focusing on Appalachia

Here are a couple of sites relating to Fayette County that you might find interesting:

bullet.gif (1031 bytes) Coal and Coke Heritage Center - An exciting web site presented by Penn State University Fayette, Home of the Patch/Work voices project.  Don't miss this chance to learn about the history of the coal region. 

bullet.gif (1031 bytes) Fayette County Visitors Network - Tourist information about Fayette County

bullet.gif (1031 bytes) Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau - Highlighting Somerset, Fayette and Westmoreland County attractions.


Heritage Sites

bullet.gif (1031 bytes) Ellis Island Web Site - Visit Ellis Island to see the American Family Immigration History Center and family history records.

bullet.gif (1031 bytes) New York City Ports: Ellis Island - Although this particular web site is for a cleaning company in New York City, the main feature is a section related to the importance of Ellis Island. Thank you, Alyssa

bullet.gif (1031 bytes) The History and Significance of Ellis Island - This small island is a witness to the birth of a nation comprised of immigrants that made the leap of faith and traveled to a new land without any promises or guarantees. Thank you, Amelia.

bullet.gif (1031 bytes) Researching the History of a House - If you live in a house that's more than a few decades old, you might wonder about its history.

bullet.gif (1031 bytes) When we learn about our family and home history, it helps us develop high self-esteem and form a sense of identity. We created this guide that explains the importance of researching the history of a family home and the community it is in, how to build a family tree, questions for family member interviews, and even how a family cookbook teaches family history. - Carla Thompson

bullet.gif (1031 bytes) A Landlord's Guide to Researching Property History is another resource for researching the history of a home or building. This site was suggested by Margaret, Josh, Aubree, Skylar and Hailey of The St. Paul's Family.

Other Sites of Interest

bullet.gif (1031 bytes) Are You a Lover of Books? - Explore Booklicious and the joy of reading and literacy.






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