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Rudy Briscar, Wrangell AlaskaJohnny Scott and Stacie Briskar ScottStacie Briskar Scott and Mom Carol Briskar
Stacie and JohnnySisters Stefanie Briskar Sattesahn and StacieSteve Briskar and StacieSteve Briskar II
The Briscars all know that John Briscar's name was once John Briskar.  He was the first in the family to arrive in the USA, and he had cousins and perhaps uncles and other relatives who still carried the family name Briskar.  They settled in the Clearfield, PA area and many still reside there, including some of those in the photos above.  Rudy Briskar (upper left) lives in Alaska.

In recent months I have been in email contact with Rudy Briskar, Stacie Briskar Scott, and Kasi Butler.  They are all cousins.  We have agreed that this is a good time to try to find exactly how we are all related.  The first challenge is to try to find which of the Briskar's predecessors is related to John Briscar.

First, let's look at some full-sized photographs of those shown above.


Rudy Briskar is shown in the Photo below.  Rudy lives in Wrangell, Alaska.  His father went to Alaska with "nothing more than the clothes on his back", as Rudy says.  Therefore, Rudy has few family photos and does not have a long list of names that would help build the Briskar side of his family tree.

Stacie Briskar and Johnny Scott were married last July and now reside in Hampton, Virginia.  The rest of these photos were taken at their wedding.  And we all know that a wedding is one of those occasions when the whole family shows up.  Stacie has given us some great photos of her family.

What a wedding this must have been!  The photo above shows Johnny and Stacie riding Johnny's Harley from the church to the wedding reception. Stacie didn't mention how the rest of the bridal party arrived.

Stacie and mom Carol Briskar

Dad Steven Lewis Briskar and Stacie

Stacie's brother, Steven Lewis Briskar II and friend

Sister Stefanie Briskar Sattesahn and Stacie

Stacie and Johnny Scott

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