Baba Tells It All

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Interviews With Mary Agnes Briscar

Back in the 1990's John Lanigan, John Webster and Jimmy Malone had a segment on their radio show wherein they would call an unsuspecting person and try to embarrass them.

We siblings had contacted John Lanigan and provided him with stories about our mother, hoping that he would contact her and have some fun.

It was on her birthday, August 2, 1996 when Mom was called. she had no idea who was calling or why they were calling.  It turned out to be a bigger surprise for Lanigan and his team than it was for Baba.  Click on the player to hear the fun. 

              There is no video.  You will enjoy this.


Nancy's Interview with Baba

In July 1995 Nancy visited Baba to get a better understand of our family history - How Mom met Dad, Why we moved to Ohio, and other family information.  You will find out things you never knew, and you will be amused.

...and just when you think it's over, there is more


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