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Our latest family reunions were held in 1987 and 1988.  Enjoy this collection from the 1988 reunion at Shady Grove Park in July, 1988.  

Four of John and Anna Briscar's Children - Dolores Briscar Gallagher,
Helen Briscar Chuska, Joseph Briscar, Veronica Briscar Valentovich
"Bingo" is her middle name.  Mary Agnes Stoots Briscar,
Granddaughter Rachel Okorn, Irene Lucas Briscar
Betty Valentovich Briscar, Shirley Ellsworth Detwiler, Rita Ellsworth Walker, Ambrose Briscar No, I can't name everyone in the picture - but it does prove that there were a lot of family at the reunion
A crowd gathers to watch the fun and games from the pavilion at Shady Grove Park. Linda Sampson Kelley holding baby James Guy,(Mom Cathy Gallagher Guy) and Ann Marie Gallagher Matthews.
Sampson Family - Melissa, Mom Joyce, Dad Jack, Linda Sampson Kelley, Nancy (Mrs. Keith), Shannon Nancy Briscar Martel, Judi Isom Morris, Mary Okorn King, Debra Isom , Rachel Okorn, Mary Agnes Stoots Briscar
Family gathering at St. Cecelia's Church for the Memorial Mass. Center -
David Soto, Israel Soto, Valerie Soto, Judy Gallager Soto
Watching the games - Sandie McCullers Briscar, Mary Ellen Briscar Isom,
Joseph Briscar, David Valentovich, Mary Agnes Stoots Briscar
After Mass at St. Cecelia's Church.  Too many names to fit in this little box. Poolside at a motel - Nancy Briscar Martel, Mary Okorn King, Rachel Okorn,
John Manning, Nathan Okorn, Curt Briscar

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