Christmas In July 2022



The Cleveland contingent of our family has not been able to gather as a family
since the inception of the COVID pandemic started in late 2019.

We were finally able to get together on July 24, 2022 at the home
of Debi Isom in Eastlake. It was a great celebration and almost
everyone in the family attended except for a very few who were
either sick or had to work. We are very grateful to Debi, who
hosted the event, and those who helped cook, or brought treats.

*You will see some duplicate photos, as these pics were taken by several people.*



My, how they have grown

Nancy Briscar Martel and Kaylee Ryant


Maria Pegues and Nancy


Victor Jiminez, David Fortier, Tristan Jiminez, Elias Jiminez


John E. Manning, Cindy Manning, Megan Maning, Judy Manning, Kathy Streets

David Streets, Mary Ellen Isom

Victor Jiminez

Judy Manning, Rosanna Briscar, Nancy Briscar Martel, Debi Isom, Richard Briscar


Kaylee and Rosanna

David and Mary Ellen

Kate Fortier, Rachel Fortier, Allie Fortier


Debi Isom

David, Tristan, Victor, Abby Okorn

Curt Briscar, Maureen Briscar, Connor Ryant, William Ryant, Samantha Briscar, Tyler Briscar


Kate, Victor

Kate, Rachel, Allie

Judy, Rosanna, Nancy, Richard

Kate, Rachel, Allie

Richard, Larry Isom, Kate

Mary Ellen, Richard, Allie, Kate

Larry, Kathy

Judy, John R. Manny, Mary Ellen

Curt, Becky Isom


Zoe Martel

Kate, Allie

Curt, Becky, Debi, David

Debi, Judy

Maureen, Larry, Samantha

Judy, Kathy, John E, John R, Cindy, Megan

Richard, Kaylee



Judy, Josie Tuleski

Victor, David, Tristan, Elias

Kids having fun


Kate, Abby, Allie

Mary Coletta Okorn, David, Victor, Kate, Abby

Adults having fun

You have seen this motley crew before


Eddie Isom, Becky

Adult swim

Rachel, Debi



Nathan Okorn




One more time






Kate, Abby, Allie

Yes, it's them again

And again

Kate, Abby, Allie

Fun times for all