Halloween 2009


Thanks to everyone who sent in Halloween pictures or allowed me to capture them from Facebook

From looking at these photos it appears that all the kids had a great time.  As far as the adults are concerned,
maybe some of them may have had too good a time.

Aidan Smithburger

Shane and Aidan Smithburger

Curt Briscar

David Valentovich

Eddie Isom

Elias Jiminez-Okorn

Autumn Fischlin

Ellie Gray

Zoe Martel

Zoe Martel

Emily Briscar

Alexis Pramuk and Melanie Rochelle Mowbray

Jasmine Gray

Jasmine Gray, Emily Briscar, Maia Gray

Jose Jiminez and Elias


Juliet Isom

Juliet and Leo Isom

Leo Isom
A whole bunch of kids
Ellie, Maia, Emily, Jasmine

Lindsey and William Ryant Jr

Maia Gray

Maureen Briscar

Samantha Briscar

Stuart Briscar

Tyler Briscar

Donnie Isom