John and Megan Manning

May 30, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. John Manning


Michelle Prouty (Maid of Honor) Nicole Winters, Cindy Manning,
Megan, John, Jack Adamission ( Best Man) Jayden Hindall, Mike McBride

Front Row - Elissa Sutton (assistant to the Bride),
Isabella Sutton (Flower Girl), Austin Sutton (Ring Bearer). 

Same As Above


Nicole, Cindy, Megan, Michelle
(front row) Elissa, Isabella

John and Megan






Megan's bouquet


 Michelle, Nicole and Cindy are in blue dresses, Jayden is in the white shirt,
the girl next to Jayden is Ashley (one of Megan's friends), Isabella and
Elissa are up front, and the head that you can't see in the background
is Madeline (Jack's girlfriend)

Jack, Mike, John, Jayden

The Wedding Dinner


Megan and John's Wedding Dance


Megan and John's Wedding Dance


Megan's Wedding Gown