Don's Birthday - Jan 2, 2012


January, 2012

Don's children surprised him with a birthday vacation at Pigeon Forge in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.  They rented a beautiful cabin and were kind enough to invite us.  Don did not know that we were invited and it was a complete surprise to him when we showed up.  Here are a few photos of the family.


Julian, Jessica, Stuart, Joseph

Evan, Jessica, Stuart, Joseph, Julian

They haven't seen snow for a while.

Each cabin has a name. Half Way To Paradise is very appropriate for this one.

Julian in the kitchen.

Finally getting some rest after a long drive

The loft. 3 floors in this cabin, each with sleeping quarters.

To call this a cabin is an understatement. It's a CABIN! Hot tub, jacuzzi, pool table, WOW!

Birthday Boy Don, lining up a shot.

A neighboring cabin

Some nearby cabins

Evening at Pigeon Forge

Sunrise at Pigeon Forge.  It was a cloudy day and we did not get to see that brilliant ball of fire.

The Coupon Princess herself, Jessica!

Don and Sandy

Don and Sandy, Me and my Bride, Rosanna