Veronica's Birthday

Veronica Briscar Valentovich celebrated her 80th birthday on April 27, 2009.

A few days later she had a surprise 80th birthday party
with all her children, grandchildren and friends present.
Veronica would like to share these photos with us.

Veronica and her children - (Front) David, Veronica, Renee
(Back) Joe (Mick), Chris, Jim


Four Generations - Veronica Valentovich, Renee Pramuk, Natalie Pramuk, Alexis Marie Pramuk

These were taken at my 80th surprise birthday party.  The second pic is the best one.  I was not dressed up because I was told that Renee and Dan were taking me out to dinner. -(nothing special).  The party was at the Sunporch Restaurant in Hopwood.  I am also sending a pic of the whole gang.  The subject is "The Long Table".


Some how Sean and Ben managed to keep their faces out of both of these photographs.  On the first pic we can only see Jim's nose.  Therefore the second pic is the best.