Briscar Reunion 2023


The first Briscar Family Reunion since 1988 was held on July 9, 2023 at Plantation Park in Mercer, PA. It was a beautiful
 day and we all had a chance to reunite with family members and meet some new ones!  Enjoy these photos.

The Elders - James Valentovich, Chris Valentovich, Renee Valentovich Pramuk, Dina (Chuska) Creighton,
Ambrose Briscar, Richard Briscar, Mary Ellen Briscar Isom.

The whole crew. It was so nice to see such a great turnout.

3- One of the highlights of the event was the storyboard depicting the original Briscars and the Briscar Homestead.

Monica Ellsworth Honeycutt perusing the storyboard

Ambrose Briscar and Theresa Ellsworth Kiser.  Ambrose is the Senior Elder in the Briscar Family.

Andy Briscar, Ambrose Briscar, Kaitlyn Smith, Jean Marie Briscar Smith

Some of the prizes available for the Chinese (Slovak) Raffle

More raffle prizes

The Big Prize! The Lotto Ticket Wreath

Ambrose Briscar and Tim Ellsworth

Micella Kiser Rios and Felix

Some of the goodies folks brought for us to enjoy. Note: The pumpkin cookies were a
special gift for Ambrose from Kathy Ellsworth and her daughter Melissa. According to
Irene, these were Ambrose's favorite cookies.

Rosanna Briscar, Richard Briscar and Dina Creighton checking out the raffle prizes

Wow! More goodies!

Julie Ellsworth, Micella Rios, Ambrose Briscar, Peter Baumbick, Robert Ellsworth

Tim Ellsworth and sons Logan and Dylan

Tim, Dylan, and Logan enjoying the cuisine

Larry Isom, Dina Creighton, Ambrose Briscar, Mary Ellen Briscar Isom, Theresa Kiser, Kaitlyn Smith

Andy Briscar and Jerry Ellsworth

With Ambrose having a special birthday later this year, a birthday cake was appropriate.

Ambrose Briscar, The One and Only!

Grace and Kyle Honeycutt

Cousins Playing - Gwen Ellsworth, Felix Rios, Joe Ellsworth, Andy Briscar

Rosanna Briscar and Dina Creighton reviewing some old family photos
Background - Kathie Ellsworth, Darla Hann, Joe Ellsworth, Jim Hann

Dan Pramuk and Renee Pramuk in the background with this same old crowd

Micella Rios with Ambrose Briscar

Renee Valentovich Pramuk with Ambrose Briscar
Godfather and Goddaughter

Dina Creighton, Ambrose Briscar, Tim Ellsworth, Mary Ellen Briscar Isom

Jim Valentovich with his raffle prize

Pete Baumbick with his raffle prize - The Lotto Ticket Wreath

Micella Rios - Unfortunately she had to give the Lotto Ticket Wreath to Pete

Richard Briscar with his raffle prize - M&M's or W&W's ?

Kaitlyn Smith with her bundle of goodies - with Mom Jean Marie in background left
and Dan and Renee Pramuk in background right

Tim Ellsworth with his raffle prize - Coffee Mug with Slovak Flag

Judi Isom and her raffle prize

Renee Pramuk and her raffle prize - Mary Ellen's Reknowned Nut Roll

Ambrose with Mary Ellen Briscar Isom and her raffle prize

How many rubber bands on this ball? - Richard Briscar had the best guess.