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Thanks to Jim Valentovich and Veronica Valentovich for these precious family photographs


John Briscar Family John and Anna (Mika) Briscar in the back yard at Lemont - Sunday 6-29-1958
Dzedo George Felegi, Anna Briscar, Jack Sampson Joe R. Valentovich and Veronica Briscar at their wedding 6-14-1952
Joe and Veronica Valentovich at their 25th Anniversary


The Valentovich family at Renee's wedding 6-20-81 - Seated-Joe, Veronica, Standing-Jim, Chris, Renee, Joe (Mick) and David
Max Valentovich (Joe's father), John Briscar, Louise Valentovich (Joe's mother), Anna Briscar John Briscar (Dad) opening car door for Veronica on her wedding day
Veronica, about 1951, standing in front of the grape arbor where Dad, Mother and I sat many times just to talk and reminisce. Coolspring Reservoir 1950 or 1951.  Today the reservoir is dry - a wooded area grown up with trees.
Ambrose Briscar, Anna Briscar and Julia Yanechko on the porch at 170 Lemont. Veronica Valentovich piloting a 25ft boat down the Missouri River with visiting niece Rita and nephwe Elmer Walker in Owaba, Nebraska 6/95
Niece Shirley Ellsworth Detwiler in cabin getting food and drink - Veronica is behind the wheel Veronica Briscar Valentovich - Summer 1948
Joseph R. Valentovich David Valentovich and Marschia Wood Valentovich
Renee Valentovich Pramuk Dan Pramuk (Renee's husband)
Natalie Pramuk, daughter of Dan and Renee 9/2000 15 yrs. Ben Pramuk, son of Dan and Renee 6/2000 18 yrs.
Brothers Chris and Joe (Mick) Valentovich James (Jim) Valentovich
Kristin Valentovich, daughter of Jim and granddaugther of Veronica - 11 yrs 9/2000 James (Jimmy) Valentovich, son of Jim and grandson of Veronica - 13 yrs 9/2000

Helen Briscar Chuska on her 80th birthday, sister Veronica standing Veronica Briscar Valentovich, Ambrose Briscar, Dolores Briscar Gallagher
Dolores and Ambrose Briscar Newspaper announcement of Ben Pramuk's advancement to the rank of Eagle Scout

Veronica's Four Generations on her 80th birthday - Veronica, Renee, Natalie, Alexis  


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