Lemont Days

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 These pictures are from Aggie's album and are in their original condition.  they have not been retouched or cropped, as you can see.    Please send me any photos that you would like to see here.
Bernadine and Dick.   Bernadine (Chuska) Creighton and Richard Briscar Aggie.  Mary Agnes (Stoots) Briscar
Vin Briscar and wife Aggie, and Joe Briscar Vin Briscar, Jim Reed, Bill Jukes and Joe Briscar
Chuska Sisters - Bette Ann, Diane and Bernadine.  Note pictures on the piano - Sally, Joe and Veronica John Chuska and   Vin Briscar
Dick Briscar and Baba Briscar ( Anna Mika Briscar) Bernadine and Bette Ann
Vin Briscar, Ambrose Briscar and Sally Briscar Sampson
under the grape arbor
Bette Ann Chuska - Second Grade
Bette Ann Chuska - High School Dolores Briscar Gallagher High School

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