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Thanks to Nancy Briscar Martel for these photographs from David and Kathy's wedding

Mr. and Mrs. David Streets.   David and Kathy Briscar Streets at a gathering in Geneva, Ohio to celebrate their wedding - August, 2000 Mary Ellen Briscar Isom, Nancy Briscar Martel, Judy Isom Morris and Autumn Fischlin.
Judy Isom Morris, Sandra Martin (fiance of Daniel  Isom), Autumn Fischlin, and Daniel Isom. Me, doing what I do best.
Judy Isom Morris She's never been more excited! Aunt Betty Valentovich Briscar
Sisters Kathy, Judy, Cookie Mary Ellen and Larry Isom
Mom and Daughter - Aggie Briscar and Judy Briscar Manning. You pick 'em out.  there are too many names to type.

Richard Briscar and son-in-law   Robert Martel I'm the king of the world!   Top left, William McCafferty.

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