Honoring Helen Chuska

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It is often said that we don't get together often enough as a family, that funerals and weddings are the times when we get together the most.  This is one of those occasions.  We gathered to celebrate the life of Helen Briscar Chuska on June 15, 2001.  These photos were taken at the luncheon that followed the interment.

Mary Ellen Briscar Isom and Dolores Briscar Gallagher. Mary Agnes Stoots Briscar and Bernadine Creighton
Steven Gallagher and Lew Mahallick

Scott, David and Natalie  Smithburger

Mike Stoots

Jimmy, Jim and Mick Valentovich
Valerie Valentovich (hidden), Natalie Pramuk, Renee Valentovich Pramuk, Betty Valentovich Briscar, Dorothy Stoots Hurst Ron and Scott Smithburger
Seated - Janet Hurst Turney, Dorothy Stoots Hurst.  Standing - Judy Gallagher Soto, Bernadine Creighton, Steven Gallagher Diane Chuska Mahallick, Mary Ellen Briscar Isom
Shirley Ellsworth Detwiler, Mary (Billie) Ellsworth Preston Tina Mahallick and Carl Dubos, Katrina Mahallick
Seated - Ron Chuska - Standing - Jim, Valerie, Jimmy and Mick Valentovich Betty Valentovich Briscar and Ambrose Briscar
Irene Lucas Briscar, JoAnn Chuska Wilson, Eddie Chuska, Mary Agnes Stoots Briscar, Bernadine Creighton, Tomasine Chuska , Dolores Briscar Gallagher Veronica Briscar Valentovich (hidden), Dolores Briscar Gallagher, JoAnn Chuska Wilson, Ann Lucas Pillar, Irene Lucas Briscar
Ann Marie Gallagher Matthews  

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